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At sCool, we believe in a free flow of knowledge between children, parents, educators. Our Support Community is the central learning hub, where we share educational insights, gather information from sCools and co-create knowledge on Media Literacy. 

What to find in the Community?

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Free educational materials & tools, for making your lessons on Media Literacy and Social Integration even more fun. This is where you find our 'Getting Started' manual, an educational guide on safe passwords, our 'Social Contract' posters and much more.
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Do you want to know more about how to use blogs or wikis? Or do you need a deeper explanation on the sCoolPaper? Take a look in our knowledge base with various tutorials for children, teachers and administrators. You will find the answers to all your questions, easily explained with video and text.
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In Safe & Net you can find Wikis with informative content on Media Literacy; tips and tricks; new ICT-tools and so on, co-created with you and other sCool children. Make sure to take a look at our article on Pokémon GO! and the guide on how to make your child's Facebook Profile safer.
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Share best practices with your peers; propose new innovative ideas; and ask questions in our community. Feel free to interact with others, with a like-minded passion for Media Literacy and Social Integration. Everyone can join the conversation, but we provide extra options for our full members.



For more information, contact our Community Manager, Katja. She is happy to have a chat with you on the benefits of becoming a community member.

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