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Social Learning Labs

The Social Learning Labs -our concept for research and social sharing- are rooted in the mission of sCool: we believe knowledge should flow freely. They are user-centred ecosystems for open innovation, that will add value to all stakeholders in primary schools, who are involved in digital social responsible education and the use of media. Our aim is to integrate concurrent research and innovation processes, within a public-private-people-partnership. Therefore we offer our stakeholders customer based learning labs as well as our open community.

The social learning lab process is based on user-centered research and open innovation, with the following key components:

Exploration.pngExploration: Engages all important stakeholders, especially user schools of the sCool Social Learning Platforms and Methodology at the earlier stages of the creation process. Allows for the discovery of emerging scenarios, usages and behaviours through live examples.

Experimentation.pngExperimentation: We will implement social learning apps and innovative learning approaches with our early stage schools and will then able to acquire relevant data. We will continue to explore different scenarios and ideas, collecting data to be analysed in their context during the evaluation process.

Co-creation.pngCo-creation: Many schools have unique visions concerning learning, methodology and the implementation of educational innovation. Inside the Social Learning Labs, space is created for differentiation, knowledge sharing and ultimately the co-creation of new learning materials.

Evaluation.pngEvaluation: Assessing new ideas and original concepts, as well as related platforms and apps in schools, through lenses such as social-cultural, socio-cognitive and socio-economic aspects. We will make observations on the potential for adoption of new concepts and related technology through continuous communication with users.

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