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The LearnScape has launched a LearnScape for Primary Education. Our cool kids have named this unique learning tool sCOOL ! sCool is cool as it answers to the digital and new media challenges of primary schools and digital natives. Moreover, it gives us the opportunity to implement STEAM related courses with safe intranet and a platform for social learning where digital competencies and the dangers of the internet are looked at simultaneously. sCool takes social learning for the more vulnerable age group of 3 to 11 to a new level. sCool offers not only the platform but also FREE learning tools such as videos and games where they can play and learn in a safe environment linked with their own school.

The LearnScape is a learning eco-system that uses social apps, and secure intranet to stimulate formal and informal learning. The modular approach adapts to the needs of your learning community.

The LearnScape was founded in 2014 and has since offered consultation and implementation of social learning to organisations using social apps and tailored e-coaching widgets to empower learners and employees. Our services include consulting, design, architecture and program management to build and sustain social learning communities. The LearnScape is built with our technology partner  IglooSoftware. We tailor LearnScapes to integrate with your social learning needs and our developers build widgets to integrate with your current environment, coaching and performance management needs.



sCool is cool because it tackles the digital challenges that primary education is facing.

sCool is a safe intranet and a platform for social learning to practice digital skills while educating the young on the dangers of the internet. sCool is made for and with children.  

Higher Education


Colleges and universities are and will always be learning communities.

To extend the scope and impact of your educational institution, our platform should be implemented as a hub for both knowledge transfer and knowledge creation.



Learnscapes are used to  bridge the knowledge gaps in your organisation or to build communities of learning

Social learning features and continuous coaching to create a sharing culture where performance is managed on a personal level. It's easy to use and integrated in your current learning tools. 

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